Have some Novapolitan

Have some Novapolitan

my original plan was to make gifs tonight but i guess not XD


Thank You for being there when I needed someone. 

I feel like you guys don’t get enough appreciation so I’ll just leave this here :) 

So sorry I didnt add dex, it was like 4am and I’m a lazy poop ;-: but I still love him bunches 



Video Game Challenge

✘[2/7] Male Characters - Vaas Montenegro | Far Cry 3

Hello Cartoony Sly! :3 
Done for Slyfoxhound


Hello Cartoony Sly! :3 

Done for Slyfoxhound

the creatures + video games - inspired by x

  • Aleks: You guys wanna go to the airport?
  • James: I would like to go in another session, which is not filled with assholes.
  • Aleks: Well, then you'll have to go into a session without me. (Laughing)
  • James: Oh my god... why are you hellbent on this fucking- this fucking guy.
  • Aleks: It's not just him. There are multiple people that I'm hellbent on.
  • James: Oh my god... well, that's great-
  • Aleks: (screaming and getting shot at)
  • James: I'm glad we could do-
  • Aleks: (more screaming)
  • James: Grand Theft Auto Team Deathmatch.